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1、1 Travelling劉文燕劉文燕 盧照盧照 鄒璐鄒璐 劉劉璐璐2Continent Origination&development of travelling劉文燕 Types of travelling盧照 Precautions For Travelling鄒璐 Intent&significance of travelling 劉璐3Origination&development of travelling by by 劉文燕劉文燕 4three phases The ancient stage of travelling:before the 1840s The latter-da

2、y of travelling:1840s-the world war The modern times of travelling:after the world war5The ancient stage of travellingoriginationDid they travel?With the development of productivity levels,exchanging of commodities appeared.Human activities of conscious traveling started in the late primitive societ

3、y.6The purpose of travelling in ancient stage In the initial period,businessmen traveled in order to exchange their commoditiesthe Silk RoadAncient AthensRiverside Scene on the Pure Brightness Festival7then,for studying and explorationxuan zangs westingMarco Polo,a traveler in thirteen century in It

4、alycompasstravel notes of Xu Xiake sailing routes around the world of Magellan8The latter-day of travellingThe effects in three aspects:Advanced transportations such as train,car and plane were invented.Accelerated the process of urbanizationExpanded the conditional class of travel,mainly capitalist

5、sReason:two industrial revolutions9The characteristics Thomas Cook1.The travel agency appeared2.The books to guide for travellers published3.Hotels and catering service for the tourists came outearly travel agencyearly hotel in Chinaearly travel agency10The modern times of travellingThe reasons of t

6、he development of modern tourism:After world war,people have been living in peace while economic have been globalizing.The traffic become more and more convenient peoples awareness of traveling enhance,and people can take paid in the holidays Government support and promote11 The characteristics 1.Mo

7、re and more people go out2.The types are various3.The traveling time is seasonal4.The tourism is diversified,including the diversifications in tourist market systems,tourist product systems and tourism guarantee systems12 Group travelGroup travel Backpack travel Backpack travel -Lu Zhao13Group trave

8、lIn China,it is the most popular way.When it comes to travelling,most Chinese will go to a travel agency first.In a travel agency you can find a lot of travel information,the only thing you need to do is to choose a travel group,then do the packings.14advantagesadvantages No preparation Time saving

9、Security guarantees Convenient Making more friends Learning from travel15You must buy something.Tour guidetravelerForced to buy things Diet maybe not very wellDifferent priceTransfer to another group disadvantagesdisadvantages16Have a nap Get off the busTake photosGet on the busNot only we all feel

10、tired,but also have no time to enjoy the views.17Backpack travelBackpack travel As a new type of travel,backpack travel is developing rapidly in recent years.More and more people are tired of group travel,they want to travel independently.They want to see places which most of us dont familiar with.W

11、e call these people backpack travelers,and in Chinese they have a quite funny name lvyou(驢友)驢友),which means friends of donkeys literally.18To be a lvyouTo be a lvyouBurningBurning passion for travepassion for travel l Do carefulDo careful preparationspreparationsTour routeWeatherTime planMapHotelPos

12、sible expensesCultures19advantagesadvantages Eat as you like Buy product as you want Arrange the travel according your need Challenge yourself and improve your ability20disadvantagesdisadvantages Expensive tickets Price of hotel room is higher Plans may be not reasonable Miss some scenic spots21No m

13、atter which type you choose,you can find your own entertainment.Precautions For TravellingMade By ZouLuTips for youTips for youTraveling is a good way to relax.However,before traveling,check your luggage please and then start a happy and healthy trip.NO.1 travel agencyBe sure to sign up with a regul

14、ar travel agency Be careful with invoice of the travel agency as proofBe sure to comply with the tour arrangementsNO.2 SecurityBefore leaving,do not leave a security risk Pay attention to the safety of personnel during the travelingPay attention to the safety of your propertiesNO.3 medicine You must

15、 prepare a variety of drugs before traveling to avoid unexpected events on the tourNO.4 Shopping Be careful when shopping during tourism,avoid impulse buying and following herdNO.5 Alpine tourismNote the mine,turn off cell phones,seek shelter,do not stand against the wall,flung down quicklyNO.6 Self

16、-drive travel Remember to pay attention to safety during self-drive travel,you would better select peers who knows basic technologies of vehicle maintenance NO.7 Clothes To grasp weather conditions of the destination timely.If it is a warm place in the south we travel to,we should prepare an ample o

17、f lightweight clothing If going to the frozen north,you have to prepare clothes that are good resist to cold Thank You!32Intent&Significance of Travellingby 劉璐33ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESceneryFoodCulture and HistoryRelaxPhotographWhat do you want?34VisualScenerythe most directivethe primary intentdiffere

18、nt regionsdifferent seasonsright time!35Autumn Beijing36Rainy Guilin37Foggy Chongqing38Night Shanghai39TongueFoodthe most eagerthe indispensable intentas strict as you canas many as you can404142CultureHistorythe most meaningfulfunny or touching details43folk customsfolk customstemplestemples art tr

19、easuresart treasures building communitybuilding communityrevolutionary sitesrevolutionary sites cultural relicscultural relics palacespalacesh historical monumentsistorical monumentscontained44remained buildings at Hankou concession45 the best preserved ancient city wall46They are worth to know,alth

20、ough some are not so beautiful.47sceneryfoodstoryrelax bodymood48travelling with parteners is the best way to release the pressurecant help to taking deep breathfar away from trivialitieskeep moving rather than siitinggreen can calm people down49almost everyone will doTake PhotoClassificationPortrit

21、 PhotographLandscape PhotographHumanistic Photograph50For most people 51For professional photographers and photography enthusiastsBut52Hurry to travel!53THANK YOU!54Vocabulary and Phrase foggy foggy 有霧的,模糊的有霧的,模糊的 pilgrimage pilgrimage 朝拜;漫游朝拜;漫游 region region 區域,地區區域,地區 indispensable indispensable

22、必不可必不可少的少的 snack snack 小吃小吃 ingredient ingredient 原料,因素原料,因素 tongue tongue 舌頭,語言舌頭,語言 triviality triviality 瑣事瑣事 portrit portrit 人像人像 Silk Road Silk Road 絲綢之路絲綢之路 buddhist scriptures buddhist scriptures 佛經佛經 r rural tourism ural tourism 農家樂農家樂 h historicalistorical monumentsmonuments 歷史遺跡歷史遺跡 cultural relicscultural relics 文化遺存文化遺存 building community building community 建筑群落建筑群落 revolutionary site revolutionary site 革命遺址革命遺址 folk custom folk custom 民俗服裝民俗服裝 humanistic photograph humanistic photograph 人文攝影人文攝影

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