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1、學位英語模擬測試與答案(英語)(50題,每題2分,滿分100分) Part One Vocabulary and Structure Directions : In this part there are ten incomplete sentences, each with four suggested answers. Choose the one that you think is the best answer, Mark you answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.1. He came al

2、l the way to China for promoting friendship _for making money.A. other than B more than C. better than D. rather than 2. _, I wroth a letter to Henry Ford II and told him what happened. A. Desperate B, Despite C. Inspiring D. Exciting 3,I was _the point of telephoning him when his letter arrived. A.

3、to B.on C.at D.in 4. In no country _ Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day. A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than 5. If I hadnt stood under the ladder to catch you catch you when you fell.you_now. A. wouldnt be smiling B.couldant

4、have smiled C.wont smile D.didnt smile 6. All the key words in the article are printed in_type so as to attract readersattention.A.dark B.dense C.black D.bold 7. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems,_obtaining water is not the least.A.for which B.to which C.of which D.in which 8.

5、 They are going to have the serviceman_an electric fan in the office tomorrow.A.install B.to install C.to be installed D.installed 9. It is said that Johns two daughters of his wife_to the city where he had an accident.A.going B.tense C.were going D.was going 10. The man in the corner confessed to _

6、a lie to the manager of the company.A.have told B.be told C.being told D.having told Part Two Reading Comprehension Directios: In this part there are four passages,each followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each of them, there are four suggested answers. Choose the one that you th

7、ink is the best answer.Mark your ANSWER SHEET with a single line trough the center. Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage: Communication is the sending of information or news from one person to another. if human beings could not communicate with one another, each person would have to le

8、arn everything for himself, Although animals as well as men can communicate, so far as we know, they can express only the simple emotions like pain,joy,fear,huger of sounds and face movements, but we still have much to learn about these animal languages. Speech is the most important means of communi

9、cation between people. But it is not the onlyone.Nor is it the oldest.We use facial expressions,gestures and hand movements to express ourfeelings and to send signals to other people. Animals use this “body language”a great deal.Thesign language used by deaf people is an example of communication wit

10、hout speech,while blind people communicate largely through touch and hearing. 11,According to the passage, what would happen to us without communication? A.We should learn everything for ourselves B.We would become unable to speak. C.We couldnt live happily. D.We might have to do everything by ourse

11、lves. 12.What does the passage say a about animalscommunication? A.They have their advanced language in form of sound. B.They can express simple feelings such as hunger and pain. C.Some of them can communicate with people very well. D.All of them can use sound to express themselves. 13.Which of the

12、following statement is true? A.Humans do not have adequate knowledge about animal languages. B.We are now very much aware of animal languages. C.Most of animals use their facial expressiong. D.All animals make sounds to communicate with each other. 14.What means of communication is used by most peop

13、le? A.Facial expressions. B.Body movements C.Speech. D.Body movement and speech. 15.We can infer from the passage that the oldest form of communication between people is_ A.speech B.touch and hearing C.sounds D.body language Questions 16-20 are based on the following passage; No woman can be too ric

14、h or too thin. This saying often attributed to the late Duchess(公爵夫人)of Windsor embodies much of the odd spirit of our times.Being thin is deemed as such a virtue. The problem with such a view is that some people actually attempt to live by i. I myself have fantasies of slipping into narrow designer

15、 clothes.Consequently, I have been on a diet for the betteror worsepart of my life. Being rich wouldnt be bad either, but that wont happen unless an unknown relative dies suddenly in some distant land,leaving me millions of dollars. Where did we go off the track? When did eating butter become a sin,

16、and a little bit of extra flesh unappealing,if not repellent?All religions have certain days when people refrain from eating.and excessive eating one of Christianitys seven deadly sins. However, until quite recently,most people had a problem getting enough to eat. In some religious groups, wealth wa

17、s a symbol of probable salvation and high morals.and fatness a sign of wealth and well-being. Today the opposite is true.We have shifted to thinness as our new mark of virtue.The result is that being fator even only somewhat overweightis bad because it implies a lack of moral strength. Qur obsession

18、(迷戀)with thinness is also fueled by health coneerns.It is true that in this country we have more overweight people than ever before,and that,in many cases, being overweight correlates with an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease.These diseases,however,may have as much to do with our way

19、of life and our high-fat diets as with excess weight.And the associated risk of cancer in the digestive system may be more of a dictary problemtoo much fat and a lack of fiberthan a weight problem. The real concern,then,is not that we weigh too much,but that we neither exercise enough norEat well.Ex

20、ercise is necessary for strong bones and both heart and hing health.A balanced dietWithout a lot of fat can also help the body avoid many diseases. We should surely stop paying soMuch attention to weight.Simply being thin is not enough.It is actually hazardous if those who get(or already are )thin t

21、hink they are automatically healthy and thus free from paying attention to their overall lifestyle.Thinness can be pure vainglory(虛榮)16.in the eyes of the author,an odd phenomenon nowadays is that_ A.religious people are not necessarily virtuous B.looking slim is a symbol of having a large fortune C

22、,being thin is viewed as a much desired quality D.the Duchess of Windsor is regarded as a woman of virtue17.Swept by the prevailing trend,the author_ A,had to wear highly fashionable clothes B,had to seek help from rich distant relatives C,had to go on a dier for the greater part of her life D.could

23、 still prevent herself from going off the track18.In human history,peoples views on body weight_ A,changed from time to time B,led to different moral standards C,varied between the porr and the rich D,were elosely related to their religious beliefs19The author criticizes womens obsession with thinne

24、ss_ A,from a historical and religious standpoint B,from sociological and medical points of vew C,from an economic and educational perspective D,in the light of moral principles20.Whats the authors advice to women who are absorbed in the idea of thinness? A.They should gain weight to look healthy. B.

25、They should be more watehful for ratal diseases. C.They should be more concerned with their overall lifestyle. D.They should rid themselves fantasies about designer clothes.Qnestions 21-25 are baed on the following passage: Even plants can run a fever,especially when theyre under attack by insects o

26、r diseasc,But unlike humans, plants can have their temperature taken from 3,000 feet awaystraight up.A Decade ago,adapting the infrared scanning technology developed for military purposes and otherSatellites,physicist Stephen Paley came up with a quick way to take the temperature of crops toDetermin

27、e which ones are under stress.The goal was to let framers preciselhy target pesticide(殺蟲劑)spraying rather than rain poison on a whole field,which invariably includes plants that dont have pest(害蟲)problems. Even better,Paleys Remots Scanning Services Company could detect crop problems before they bec

28、ame visible to the eye. Mounted on a plane flown at 3,000feet at nigh,an infrared scannerMeasured the heat emitted by crops. The data were transformed into a color-coded map showingWhere plants were running “fevers” Farmers could then spot-spray,using 40 to 70 percent less Pesticide than they otherw

29、ise would. The bad news is that Paleys company closed down in 1984,after 40 to 70 percent less pesticide than they otherwise would. The bad news is that Paleys company closed down in 1984,after only three years,FarmersResisted the new technology and long-term backers were hard to find.But with the r

30、enewed conccrn about pesticides on produce, and fefinements in infrared scanning,Paley hopes to get back into operation.Agriculture experts have no doubt the technology works,”This technique can be used on 75 percent of agricultural land in the United States,”says George Oerther of Texas A&M.Ray Jac

31、kson, who recently retird from the Departnt of Agriculture,thisks remote infrared crop scanning could be adopted by the end of the decade.But only if Paley finds the financial backing which he failed to obtain 10 years ago. 21.Plants will emit an increased amount of heat when they are_A.sprayed with

32、 pesticides B.facing an infrared scannerC.in poor physical condition D.exposed to excessive sun rays 22.In order to apply pesticide spraying precisely,we can use infrared scanning to_ A,estimate the damage to the crops B.measure the size of the affected area C.draw a color-coded map D.locate the pro

33、blem area 23.Farmers can save a considerable amount of pesticide by_ A.rcsorting to spot-spraying B.consulting infrared scanning experts C,transforming poisoned rain D.detecting crop problems at an carly stage 24.The application of infrared scanning technology to agriculture met with some difficulti

34、es_ A.the lack of offieial support B.its high cost C.the lack of financial D.its failure to help increase production 25.Infrared scanning technology may be brought bafck into operation because of_A.the desire of farmers to improve the quality of their produce B.growing conccrn about the exccssive us

35、e of pesticides on cropsC.the forceful promotion by the Department of AgricultureD.full support from agricultural expertsQuestions 26-30 are based on the following passage:The appcal of advertising to buying motives can have both negative and positive effects.Consumers may be convinced to buy a prod

36、uct of poor quality or high price because of an advertisement.For example,some advertisers have appealed to peoples desire for better fuel economy for their cars by advertising automotive products that improve gasoline mileage.Some of The products work.Others are worthless and a waste of consumersmo

37、ney.Sometimes advertising is intentionally misleading.A few years ago a brand of bread was offered to turned out that the bread was not dietetic(適合于節食旳),but just regular bread,There fewer calories because it was sliccd very thin,but there were the same munber of calories in every loaf. On the positi

38、ve side,emotional appeals may respond to a consumers real conccrns. Consider fire insurance.Fire insurance maybe sold by appealing to fear of loss.But fear of loss is the real reason for fire insurance. The security of knowing that property is protected by insurance makes the purchase of fire insura

39、nce a worthwhile investment for most people.If consumers consider the quality of the insureance plans as well as the message in the ads,they will bencfit from the advertising. Each consumer must evaluate her of his own situation.Are the benefits of the product important enough to justify buying it ?

40、 Advertising is intended to appcal to consumers, but it does not force them to buy the product. Consumers still control the final buying decision. 26.Advertising can persuade the consumer to buy worthless products by_ A.stressing their high quality B.convincing him of their low price C.maintaining a

41、 balance between quality and price D.appealing to his buying motives 27.The reason why the bread advertisement is misleading is that_ A,thin slices of bread could contain more calories B,the loaf was cut into regular slices C,the broad was not genuine broad D,the total number of calories in the loaf

42、 remained the same 28.The passage tells us that_ A.sometimes advertisements really sell what the consumer needs B.advertisements occasionally force consumers into buying things they dont need C.the buying morives of consumers are controlled by advertisements D.fire insurance is seldom a worthwhile i

43、nvestment 29.It can be inferred from the passage that a smart consumer should_ A.think carefully about the benefits described in the advertisements B.guard against the deceiving nature of adverisements C.be familiar with various advertising strategies D.avoid buying products that have strong cmotion

44、al appeal 30.The passage is mainly about_ A.how to make a wise buying decision B.ways to protect the interess of the consumer C.the positive and negative aspects of advertising D.the function of advertisements in promoting salesPart Three Cloze Directions: For each blank in the following passage,cho

45、ose the best answer from the choices given below.Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. When television first began to expand,very few of the people who had become famous as radio commentators were able to be effective on television,.Some of the difficulties they

46、 exspericnced when were trying to 31 themselves to the new medium were technical.When working on radio.for example,they had become 32 to seeing on behalf of the listener.This 33 of seeing for others means that the commcntator has to be very good at talking.Above all,he has to be able to 34 a continu

47、ous sequence of visual images which 35 meaning to the sounds which the listener hears.In the 36 of television,however,the commentator seeseverything with the viewer.His role,therefore,is completely different.He is there to make 37 that the viewer does not niss some point of interest, to help him foc

48、us on particular things,and to 38 the images on the television serene Unlike his radio colleague,he mustg know the 39 of silence and how to use it at those moments 40 the picrures speak for themselves.31.A.turn B adapt C. alter D modify32.A.experienced B.determined C established D accustomed33.A.eff

49、iciency B.technology C.art D performance34.A.inspire B.create C.cause D.perceive35.A.add B.apply C.affect D.reflect36.A.occasion B.event C.fact D.case37.A.definite B,possible C,sure D.clear 38.A.exhibit B.demonstrate C.expose D.interpret39.A.purpose B.goal C.value D.intention40.A.if B.when C.which D

50、.as Part Four Dialogue CompletionDirections: There are ten short incomplete dialogues between two speakers ,each followed by four choices marded A.B .C and D.Choose the answer that appropriately suits the conversational contest and best completes the dialogue. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET wi

51、th a single line through the center.41.Mum:someones eaten the icing off the cake Child: A.Yes ,its very cold. B.Yes Mum C.It was not me D.Im OK.Mum42.Nancy:Hello, Ted. What s wrong with your arm? Ted: I broke it when I was skating on the holiday. Nancy:Oh,no! Ted:Much better,thanks A.What a nuisance

52、! B.How awfull! C.Why was that ? D. What a trouble!43.A:Excuse me ,madam. know where the nearest post office is ? B:Im sorry ,Ive got no idea.Im a stranger here,too.A. Would you please B. Would you happen to C. Do you happen to D. Would you like to 44. James:Can I borrow your notes for todays geolog

53、y class ? Jane: A. How dare you!Geology test is tomorrow.B. Id love to,but you cant have them.C. How come that you didnt have notes for todays class?D. Sorry,but I have to review them for tomorrows test. 45.A:I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her B: .It was her fault. A:No way B: No po

54、ssible C: No chance D:Not at all 46.A:Im sorry Im calling you so lateB: okayA:This is B:You reC:Thats D: Iam47.Doctor:What seems to be the problem ? Patient: A: I cant bear the strain at work B: I strained my back at work C:The work bores me D:Its killing me 48. Sam:Well all miss Geoff and Pat. Larr

55、y: A:Ill not miss Pat B: Im afraid Ill miss only Geoff C:Geoff and pat are different D:Well,we ll all miss Geoff49.A:May I use your phone for a local call? B: ,sir! A:Ask me another B: Certainly,by no means C:Its out of the question D:As you wish50.Peter:Havent seen you for weeks. Pat:Cant complain

56、A:Im very happy to see you again B:How are things? C:Fancy meeting you here D: Have you been very busy? Part One Vocabulary and Structure1-5 D A B A A 6-10 D C A D D Part Two Reading Comprehension11-15 ABADD 16-20 CCABC21-25 CDACB 26-30 DDAACPart Three Cloze31-35 BDCBA 36-40 DCDCBPart Four Dialogue Completion41-45 CBCDA 46-50 CBDDB

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